Flexible Delineators

Flexible Delineators are designed to "delineate" traffic or guide traffic into a specific lane. Flexible Delineators are available in many heights and color choices. They are also come in both tubular and flat panel designs. All Flexible delineators are designed to withstand vehicular impacts. The number of impacts range from 340 hits at 35 mph to 75 hits at 55 mph. , depending on the category of delineator. All categories of delineators come with reflective sheeting. The reflective sheeting may be installed on one side or both sides.


Standard Flexible Delineators High Performance Delineators High Visibility Delineators

Standard Flexible Delineators

High Performance Flexible Delineators

High Visibility Flexible Delineators

These delineators are tested to withstand multiple vehicular impacts at different vehicle speeds

These delineators are designed with a stronger spring mechanism and more durable materials. Highly Visible Crosswalk Identification Signs
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Impact Recovery Tuff Curb XLP Sta-Rite Sign Posts Delineator Adhesives

Channelizer Curbing

Sta-Rite Sign Posts


Designed to withstand the effects of high speed, high impact applications

Ideal for high traffic parking lot locations Ideal for installing Delineators in a low volume area.
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