Tuff Curb XLP was designed to withstand the effects of high speed, high impact applications and is compatible with Impact Recovery Systems’ full line of traffic posts and panels. XLP’s durable low profile design (40:L x 8”W x 2”H) was made to withstand 20,000 lbs. of static force from a single wheel and has been tested by the Texas Transportation Institute to 2009 MASH standards. XLP’s bright solid coloring and glass-element technology reflectors supply maximum visibility both day and night.

FeaturesXtreme Low Profile/Lightweight Design.

  • Single piece design – end caps are not necessary.
  • No need for water scuppers that clog with debris – install curbing section 2-3” apart allowing unimpeded water flow.
  • Superior Strength.
  • Arched Glass Element Reflectors.
Tuff Curb XLP
Ideal for use on bridge decks, parking structure decks, bike lane delineation, or anywhere that low-profile traffic separation is required. Tuff Curb XLP has the option of installation with bolts, epoxy or Super Bundy pads.
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