Flexstake High Performance

High-performance delineators, as the name implies, are a heavy duty delineator. These delineators are designed with a stronger spring mechanism and more durable materials necessary, to meet the tough demands of high volume traffic and locations that are more susceptible to routine vehicular impacts.
Flexstake HD 650 Surface Mount Delineator Flexstake TM 750 Surface Mount Delineator
Soil Mount High-Performance Delineator Surface Mount High-Performance Delineator
The Flexstake HD 650 Series tubular soil anchor delineator has been in use for over 20 years from the harsh winters of Alaska to the hot summers of Florida. This post is very durable and is appropriate for all climates. The TM 750 Series was specifically designed as a high performance/impact delineator for locations where traffic from side streets would be merging with traffic in a thoroughfare.
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