Graco GrindLazer

Graco’s grinders and scarifiers are the preferred choice of contractors who need to remove pavement markings, perform inlay grooving, and smooth uneven surfaces. Our pavement marking removal equipment delivers unmatched results and is designed to handle the daily demands of professional contractors.
Graco GrindLazer Standard Series Graco GrindLazer HP Series Graco GrindLazer Pro Series
Standard Series HP Series Pro Series
The GrindLazer Standard Series scarifiers
are great options for those smaller
traffic marking removal jobs, trip hazard
removal and for preparing a surface before applying new traffic markings.
The GrindLazer HP series is the contractor choice for all-around
scarifying jobs, including
parking lot lines, intersection
markings, construction zones,
and sidewalk smoothing.

The GrindLazer Pro RC813 G is the ideal choice for when you need to remove lines without grooves. The rotary action of this
scarifier hovers over the surface, resulting in line removal without leaving any ghost lines—making this the “No-Groove Line Eraser.”