The M.U.T.C.D. manual requires that all signposts be “breakaway”. To meet this specification, post manufacturers have their products tested to ensure that the post will “ break” properly when struck by a vehicle. In addition to a standard breakaway post, nearly all of the manufacturers of posts have created a breakaway system. The breakaway system is designed to have the post break at a specific location, thus requiring only the replacement of the hardware and not the entire post.

N.T.S. stocks 1,000’s of posts ranging from U-channel, square, round galvanized, and round aluminum. We also stock the corresponding breakaway systems for each type.

10' posts and taller cannot be shipped UPS and must be shipped by freight line.
If residential or limited access delivery, a charge between $75-100 will be applied.

U-Channel Posts Square Posts Round Galvanized and Aluminum Round


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